Thursday, June 6, 2013

I think it might be time to dust of the soapbox... 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Undecided, but not really

Usually I've picked my horse by now.

I like Newt. No, I really like Newt. Anyone who understands that America is love story, who gets the passion, sacrifice and point of a country like the United States of America is someone I can relate to, first off. Newt is saucy and I like my Presidents saucy on the campaign trail. I love his "Newtron Bombs" and his debating style is for me, so much fun to watch.

I like Rick Santorum. As a man, a Conservative and with his overall vision. Rick understands, whether he has adequately articulated it or not is another story, but he understands that this country needs to change from the bottom up NOT the top down. Families are the foundation. People, couples, families, small business, local banking, and up the ladder. When Americans reclaim their principles, their value system, their beliefs in the founding principles and then begin to make decisions in the personal lives that reflect them, they need to find a state government that supports them, and a Federal Government that gets out of the way.

I would love to go to target practice with Rick Perry. I like the guy. I don't believe he is ready to be President.

I get the biggest kick out of watching Ron Paul. I am thankful for his voice in this debate, I agree with him on some issues and on many others I think someone left the fries out of his Happy Meal.

Who is Huntsman? I know who he is, I mean why? He needs to go, thank you for your input, but my secretary will show you out.

Then I have Romney. I think he'll be the candidate and I wonder why we are pretending like he may not be? It's like when I watch Gone With the Wind and I hold out some faint hope that Rhett might stay. It's done.

I think it's done at least.

Romney has the boots on the ground, he has the cash to take this battle to November, he is clean as a whistle. He looks Presidential, he has the experience. He has a picture perfect family, great hair, and I on't think we'll have a Monica situation. But --- I wish he could throw Newtron Bombs like Newt. I wish he could boast being a true supporter of life all his career like Rick Santorum. I wish he were a bit more gruff like Rick Perry, and had some real NEW thoughts like Ron Paul. Then, if he could manage to be Catholic too like all my favorite candidates I think he might just be perfect.

Here is what I have decided. I will not vote for Barack Obama. Republicans could nominate Cletus T. Judd for President and Taylor Swift for VP and they'd get my vote. Truly any direction - any direction at all would be better than what we have.

So often this uncertainty is used to make the argument for a three party system. On the contrary. It is precisely why we have a TWO party system. No candidate can or will be all things to everyone. If we vote on the minutia we split the votes into a million tiny particles even though they may all lean to the right, we lose because the left votes as block. The left subscribes to groupthink, period. Conservatives have too many ideas, too many values, to many smart people to move as a giant mindless herd in the primary. It's healthy. It's needed. It's appropriate. It's exactly how the founding fathers intended it.

What is most important is that all of us on the right continue to work to grow the party to make sure the best ideas have a voice. We continue to grow our tent. But when it comes down to voting. You have two viable choices. Democrat or Republican. Call yourself a moderate or an Independent if it makes you feel more "open-minded" but you have to choose. 4 more years of this or a Conservative. I would say it's crazy socialist train or anybody else but we actually have some quality folks to choose from. Who do you like? Why?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

You betcha I would waterboard you

You better freakin' believe if you had information that would save the lives of people I loved, innocent Americans, I would waterboard your sorry cookies so fast your couldn't say saran wrap.

What kills me is this "disturbing report" about how doctors were present taking vitals and checking the terrorists to be sure they weren't in danger. Checking pulse oxy, pulse, etc. That is a bad thing? If anything that shows that we are compassionate that this was an interrogation and that they weren't going to die.

Then O-blah,blah, blah Ma says he is like Winston Churchill who said we don't torture. HA!!!!! They didn't teach History at Harvard. The British had places where Germans were beaten within inches of their life! The RAF targeted civilians that were aiding the Germans, it goes on and on.

What an idiot. He makes us less safe every single day. History will tell this story very differently than our geniuses over at The View. Go back friends and read what people were saying before WWII. Joe Kennedy - Mr. Appeasement, plenty of people, celebrities, politicians loved and respected Hitler. They wanted to negotiate with him. They wanted to keep that ugly mess on the other side of the pond.

Can I get $400,000?

going once, going twice sold to President Obama $320,000.

The Obamination is the proud owner of a $300,000+ photo of Air Force One flying over the Statue of Liberty. This was at a low altitude. People panicked, ran for their lives.

After a week of pressure the White House released ONE photo Friday night after the press corps had left for the weekend. Are we to believe they snapped one It was shot from an F-16 and we are supposed to believe they took one photo, clicked the shutter....once. Please, they did all this, spent all this cash, which let's not forget we are in a recession/depression for this!? This Harvard geniuses have never heard of Photoshop? They act like AF One is a new toy, they let their friends take it out for spin?

The bug up my butt is the utter lack of transparency. They dodged this for a week, they didn't come clean, hoped it would go away, and then they release after hours on a weekend, hoping it will be buried and not brought back up next week. Transparent or thin?

So the American People are proud owners of a pic that cost 1/3 of a million dollars. Oh well te way this chump is handing out dough you would think he is spending Monopoly money not money we have worked to earn.

Not to worry, some poor loser fell on his sword, took the wrap, and resigned. He'll be in a cushy job somewhere with a financial contributor before the week ends. poor guy. Not that anyone will report it, because they are entirely too busy asking the hard questions like, "Mr. President, what enchants you the most about the Presidency?" yes and actual question.

I don't think I will last to the end of this joke. When is the primary?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fairness Doctrine

Liberals were practically hysterical over the Patriot Act. If I heard Sean (Chavez is my BFF) Penn say once I heard him and his artsy fartsy friends say a thousand times that there was nothing Patriotic about the Patriot Act.
Look here hippies, there is nothing FAIR about the Fairness Act/Doctrine/Legislation. What is it? Well my intention with this blog was never to educate, but to tell you what I think about the things I think, you should be thinking about it but just in case you are too busy to listen to Rush, watch Glenn Beck, or tune into C-Span (true reality tv & good actors!) then let me butcher a summary for you...

Essentially this is liberals back door effort to shutdown conservative talk radio. They believe conservatives dominate talk radio and cable news (we do) and they don't like what we have to say. They think that this opinionated kind of talk should be fair and balanced so if there is 6 hrs of conservative talk then there have to be 6 hrs of liberal talk or buh-bye. They tried to start liberal talk radio but it fell horribly flat. CNN is hammered in ratings by Fox, MSNBC has given up any guise of being news and is pure hack work now.
It is not enough they have the Presidency, the Congress, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, all major newspapers, all major magazines, celebrity, Oprah, and a new puppy. They have to shut down any voices that disagree.

Where is the ACLU? All the players on the left are on board - from the Obamination to Pelosi, the Botox Bride of Al Franken right down to America's cheerleader Katie (I stole Suze Orman's haircut) Couric.

Where does the ACLU get it's $$$ ? It's not really about liberty it's about agenda.
I wish I was one of those people who could say contact your congressman but I can't. Here in the dismal Land of Lincoln, home of Blagojevich and Obama, and Chicago Community Terrorist er, I mean activists so it wouldn't matter much. But if you have someone who cares, or who isn't corrupt, call 'em.
Is it just me or when you see Blagojevich do you hear..."what would you do if I sang out of tune..."
Anywho if you don't know about the Fairness Doctrine that tramples on Freedom of Speech go find out about it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

where I was

To vent or not to vent? That is the question.

This week I asked the gal I trust the most (T) to please delete my draft folders and private blog in the event of my untimely death. What I say in my most private angry moments is really not fit for others to hear. So it is with the original version of this post. I didn't think when I said it there would be a hit out on me but there may be now.

In April I came to the end of my patience and tolerance with bullies. I let them and unfortunately everyone else in ear shot know it. I really, really lost it. If you know me then you know that is not going to be pretty. Especially not when I dropped everything I was doing to go have this confrontation.

I was cleaning. Wearing a t-shirt that said, "I'm not the boss of you but I know what you should be doing." Hair clean but wholly disheveled frizzy, pinned and clipped in a half dozen places. No make-up, glasses, face blood red, shaking, furious, and looking for some resolution. I looked like the Wild Woman of Borneo. It was ugly.

I lost friends, learned some truths about others, and realized that homeschool groups are actually no different than the public schools when it comes to bullies and parents. No one wants to do anything. No one will stand up to them. No one will make them leave.

Homeschool teenagers are no different than public school kids if the parents are no different. Christians can't stand up for what is right because they can't agree what it is. Peer pressure is as prevalent and damaging in Christian and homeschool circles as it is in every secular arena - among the parents as the kids. Which, I'm sorry, is tragic.

I was accused of gossip, by a gossip and told I was holding a grudge by someone, eh hem holding a grudge - same person. I saw some of the boldest hypocrisy in that exchange that I've ever seen. It was one of the saddest days in my life. My eyes were opened, my heart was broken by the disappointment and disillusionment in someone I respected once. No more.

I learned some parents actually do not want to know if their kids are messing up. They are too busy to be bothered. Others however seem to care deeply and were willing to say so, it should be said. I was naive enough to think that all Christian parents would want to know what the kids are doing. I was stupid enough to think that the parents would believe adults. I was foolish enough to think that grown women could have compassion.

I realized that you really do find out who your friends are and sometimes it breaks your heart.

I realized that some adults won't stand up for their friends, not if it's complicated or makes them uncomfortable. Some people want to be Switzerland. Oh people like to get up their high horse about every social issue in the world, politics, gay marriage, etc. But let a little real moral dilemma wander into their life so that they have to choose sides and say what is right and they cave.

How are we supposed to tell our kids to stand up for what is right if we can't? So I did, I lost some friends, and left every single social circle I was a part of as a result. Not only am I not sorry, am I glad. Relieved. Blessed. Peaceful. Good decision.

Here is the point I want to drive home. If you can't stand up to your friends when they are wrong, how in the hell can you stand up to your enemies? If you can't identify wrong, how can you battle it? If the path of less resistance is attractive, ask yourself why? I won't hear preaching about gay marriage from someone who lies to my face. You have NO standing. You are steeped in you own sin, and need to check the log in your own eye. Don't preach patience and tolerance and forgiveness and then forget about looking out for the meek, the bullied. Hypocrisy is the number one reason non-Christian sight as their reason for not being a Christian.

Since I'm on forgiveness...

what does it mean? Should someone forgive their abuser? Yes. Why? For the abuser? NO! for the victim's well being. For the victim's peace. God told us to - of course, why?? He wants us to forgive because it's GOOD for us. Yes, the Bible says if they slap one cheek, let them slap the other but it does NOT say, go out and find people who will slap you ad then meet up with them twice a week so they can do it.

Some people want forgiveness for those whom they deem as regretful. For forgiveness to be sought THREE things have to happen:

True repentance (it's not enough to hear someone is sorry, you can tell if they are)
Reparation (they have to make it right - it ain't easy)
Change (do not do it again)

The last thing I will tolerate, yes I am intolerant when it's appropriate- is being told to forgive and repair by someone who doesn't understand the definition. I won't be promised change by someone who does not possess the power to change.

This post was written a month ago - I was very angry, disgusted in fact. I re-read it, and it stands. But I'm not angry anymore. There are none so blind as though who will not see, and for those who prefer to stick their heads in the sand - the truth always comes out. Many truths have been brought to my attention in the last few weeks. None I would bother sharing because if someone refuses to believe they are on fire, what can you do? grab a marshmellow? harsh, I know. Okay that was snarky... but the truth will stand when the world is on fire.

Now moving on.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Time and the American Way

Tea parties sprang up across the country. Texas is mumbling about secession, and a few Republicans have decided they can grab on to this issue and get a blurb on the cable news shows.

My bigger problem is the class war the libs are perpetrating.

C'mon. Look, if this type of event will get people to start thinking about what the government is stealing from us then great, let's have tea parties, and protests, and I will lead the parade. But the sad truth is the majority of Americans do not understand. If they knew the facts they wouldn't care. Rich people are now the bad guys. They are evil and must be stopped. They must be removed from the ivory towers and dragged to jail. genius, really.

So let's imagine this financial situation were a farm. Farmer makes some bad loans, knowingly even, makes bad decisions. He is getting richer from the bad business but eventually it implodes and the farm hands lose their investment. The farmer does too but he's still got the farm, his house, etc.

There are a couple options. They will drag him out and whoop the snot out of him, get arrested and lose their job. The farmer can find other workers and the farm goes on. OR The farmer will realize this was bad business and he will learn from that mistake and have to make it up to the workers with interest in the farm, or incentive to continue to work. Open books, management, whatever.

The third option which was never on the table until Osama, I mean Obama took over is the government will take away the guy farm. Jail him. Publicly humiliate him. Then takeover his farm.

The poor (the farm hands) think this sounds pretty good at first (off with the farmers head!) but you see government knows nothing about farming. They know even less about the seasons that little patch of earth endures, or the soil, the flooding, the people, reading the sky, knowing what to do when there are changes and the commodities market shifts. So a pencil pusher will be in charge. They hand it off to the farm hands to run. Here is the unpleasant truth. The farm hands are "hands" becaue they didn't have what it took to run the farm in the first place.

They had a point the farmer did wrong. His decisions cost people money. He should fix the problem.

But what we don't do in the United States of America is takeover a private business and supplant the government as CEO. THAT is socialism, that is the road to fascism.

This lust for wealthy blood is UN-American.

The Demi's cried that Bush was a fear mongerer for 8 yrs. All they have done is fear mongering. Turning our country into an all out class warfare.

Let me tell you something if you tooks ALL the money from one side and gave it to the poor. In 5 years - FIVE years te poor would be poor again and the wealthy would be wealthy again. The poor like to think it is just bad luck what made 'em poor. HA no, friends it is their own choices. They have chosen to their lifestyle. It's not nice, it's not politically correct but it is the truth.

We must stop the ceasing of private industry. If the farm fails, let it fail!!! Someone else, a better farmer will see it as an opportunity, scoop it up and make it a success. That is the American Way.